Borger is Our City

Living & Working in Borger


Brooks Training and Testing Services, LLC is strategically located in Borger, Texas, the industrial hub of the Texas Panhandle. Why Borger?

Borger, Inc. – the Borger Economic Development Corporation

After 10 years of experience in the safety training industry, Christy Brooks founded Brooks Training & Testing Services in 2016 with a new business incentive package from Borger, Inc. - the Borger Economic Development Corporation. The support of Borger, Inc. helped BTTS build a solid foundation from day one. That immediate stability, along with Christy’s longevity and favorable reputation in the safety training industry, immediately catapulted BTTS into the thriving safety company it is today – working with some of the most prominent industrial companies in the High Plains region and beyond.

Strategic Location

Borger has the advantage of a strategic location that offers effortless access to New Mexico, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas. Having a home base in Borger means being ideally situated to serve beyond the Texas Panhandle and the booming Permian Basin. Just 30 miles north of I-40, Borger easily reaches major markets across the United States.

 Existing Industry

Borger enjoys a proven track record of industrial success, and abundant opportunities to build on that bedrock. Refining, petroleum products, specialty chemicals, specialty polymers, carbon black manufacturers, and fertilizer manufactures are all present in Borger. These industries all prioritize and value employee, contractor, and community safety, which means Brooks Training & Testing Services meets an on-going need by providing safety trainings and certifications necessary to keep the plants and our communities safe. The industrial network in Borger reaches world-wide, and thus makes Borger a prime launching place for an industrial service company.


Brooks Training & Testing Services interacts with Borger’s workforce on a near daily basis, and the concentration of skilled labor specializing in petrochemical manufacturing is second-to-none. Borger has over 2.5X the concentration of workers in the goods-producing super sector as your average U.S. city, meaning a large percentage of the workforce here is already trained in I&E, pump and engine, and process technology. While BTTS can handle your safety training needs, Frank Phillips College provides post-secondary and certificate programs for critical skills you’ll need for a pipeline of future talent. And because Texas is a right-to-work state, companies can hire who they want, regardless of membership status to any labor union.

Brooks Training & Testing is a proud member of Borger’s thriving industrial community we’re thrilled about our decision to ‘Build It In Borger’.