Forklift Training

Course Description

Length: 4 hours
Delivery Method: Instructor-led
Refresher Needed: Per ANSI/ASSE Z390.1-2017 Standard, Training is Required Annually

  • How to operate a forklift properly and safely
  • How to manage the controls and mechanics of a forklift
  • How to perform equipment inspections
  • How to assess the surrounding environment
  • How to navigate corners, blind spots, and ramps
  • How to recognize hazards
  • How to prevent accidents that can lead to damage, injuries, and fatalities
  • How to remain compliant with OSHA regulations

    Hands-on evaluation

    The second part of where to get forklift certified takes place on the site where you will be working. OSHA requires that site-specific and equipment-specific training and certification be provided in addition to classroom-style training. It is MANDATORY for the employer to provide this.

    Once you have completed the online training and passed the test, your computer will automatically print out a checklist for the hands-on evaluation. After you have passed Phase Two of your training, your employer may then print out a temporary certificate of completion and an operator card. Permanent ‘original’ copies will follow 7 to 10 days later in the mail.